Following flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall this week, Irish Water has confirmed it is working to address the flooding incidents in East Cabra and has invested over €100,000 to carry out detailed surveys of the sewer network in North Dublin recent months. To ensure the sewer system can deal with periods of heavy rainfall, Irish Water is looking at all possible solutions in order to protect homes and businesses.

The heavy rainfall which occurred yesterday (Tuesday, 14 June) can cause overloading of the sewer network which is not designed to deal with this type of high intensity (thundery) rainfall.  The sewer network in East Cabra is made up of narrow pipes with a small number of suitable overflow outlets. To resolve this historic issue and address the issues of the aging sewer network in the area, Irish Water will need to carry out a range of measures which may include, a new combined sewer or a separate storm sewer, provision of storage capacity and backup pumping.

Irish Water is responsible for the sewers and Dublin City Council is responsible for the storm water drains and management of the surface water run-off. By working together Irish Water and Dublin City Council will ensure that an integrated approach is taken to find a solution to the flooding incidents.

Tom Leahy, Head of Operations for the East and Midlands at Irish Water said “We have carried out detailed surveys of the sewer network. We are now investigating the causes of the flooding and are working to find a permanent solution to help to reduce the flood risk in East Cabra. Irish Water has previously met with residents and local representatives to outline the steps involved and the timeline for scoping solutions to the flooding.

Irish Water will be making significant investment in the coming years upgrading the national sewer networks to relieve urban flooding.  Given the scale of investment needed, we will have to prioritise critical areas. Due to the history of flooding in East Cabra, we have made it a priority to address the flooding in this area. We hope to outline options for discussion and consultation in the coming months and we are committed to finding a permanent solution to the flooding in the area."

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