Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, today announced details of a €3.6 million investment to replace water mains in Monaghan Town and Clones to improve water supply for 8,000 customers. Working with Monaghan County Council, the water utility has carried out an assessment of the water mains in both towns to identify the parts of the water supply network most prone to bursts, with the greatest levels of leakage and where water quality issues are most common. This has allowed Irish Water to target pipe replacement on the worst areas so that leakage rates and maintenance costs are reduced and reliability and quality of service to our customers is improved.

The project will replace 4.8km of the distribution network that is in poor condition at various locations in Monaghan Town. An additional 3.2km of the distribution network at Scotshouse Road in Clones will be included as part of the work. These pipes have been prone to frequent bursts causing significant disruption in Clones and additional repair costs each time a burst occurs.

The water main rehabilitation works planned for Monaghan will benefit customers by strengthening and reinforcing the networks in these areas by replacing old cast iron pipes with new heavy duty polyethylene pipes. This project will improve water supply reliability to close to 8,000 customers in Monaghan Town and Clones. Site investigation work will begin this autumn and construction work will begin at the end of 2016. Sections of water mains in the poorest condition will be replaced first and the project is expected to finish in early 2019. Commuters and the public will be notified in advance of planned work and the project will be progressed in stages, to minimise the impact on commuters, residents, visitors and businesses.

Commenting on the Project, Sean Corrigan, Regional Information Officer at Irish Water said, “The replacement of water mains and water services connections is vital in reducing leakage levels in Monaghan and in addressing serious deficiencies in our water supply. Customers in Monaghan and Clones have put up with ongoing disruption to their supply and water quality issues due to bursts on old and unreliable water pipes. This important work will provide them with a much better standard of service.’’

In addition to notifying the local community ahead of the planned works Irish Water will be writing to residents and businesses in the areas where works will be taking place, in the coming weeks, to provide Project contact details should they have any queries.

Irish Water invested €351m in improving water and waste water services in 2014 and will invest over €410 million in improving water services during 2015. This spend will increase over subsequent years. Capital investment of approximately €600m per year is required for a sustained period of several decades, in order to address the acknowledged deficiencies in the country’s water infrastructure.


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