6,389 business customers in Sligo to benefit from one point of contact for all their water queries

Irish Water will this week begin the process of taking in charge the administration of 6,389 business customer accounts in Co. Sligo. The change will see responsibility for account administration for existing business customers in Co. Sligo move to Irish Water from the Local Authority. Charges for business customers, credit terms and the frequency of billing will remain unchanged while this transition is taking place.

Business customers in Sligo will now have a single point of customer contact for all queries in relation to water supply, wastewater treatment and business account management. Irish Water will contact all 6,389 business customers and other affected groups in the county directly, over the coming weeks. Bills will be issued from Irish Water directly, as they fall due.

Irish Water took over responsibility for providing public water services to business customers in January 2014. Before this, Local Authorities billed businesses for water services provided to them and they have continued to issue bills on behalf of Irish Water on an interim basis since then. Irish Water is now assuming responsibility for business billing administration as part of the overall transition of water services provision from Local Authorities.

Irish Water began the process of billing transfer on a phased basis in July 2016 and to date administration for 27 Local Authorities including Mayo, Galway City and Donegal have successfully been transferred to the utility. Prior to bills being issued, Irish Water will contact customers directly in each county to explain what is happening. Any customer with a query in relation to the process can contact our Customer Care team on 1850 778 778 or 01 707 2827.

Irish Water is investing €6.8 million in Sligo City water mains rehabilitation and Pearse Road sewer network project which will greatly benefit businesses and residents. The utility is also investing €3 million in the Sligo and Environs Water Supply Project which will provide safe and sustainable drinking water to a population of 33,000. A further €1.25 million is being spent by Irish Water in Sligo City to improve water pressure and secure the water supply.

Elected representatives seeking further information from Irish Water in relation to how the administrative change will affect business customers in their constituency should contact our dedicated elected representatives support desk.


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