Event included speakers from Irish Water, Clean Coasts, DIT Microplastics Awareness Programme and Voice Ireland

Irish Water was delighted to be invited to take part in the Donabate Portrane Clean Coasts Beach Clean on Sunday, 25 March in Portrane which was organised by Olive Gilsen and Elena Erro. There was a great turn out from the local community on the day and the event was attended by Cllr Adrian Henchy.

The day included fun and educational workshops in Pipers in Portrane with speakers from Irish Water, Clean Coasts, DIT Microplastics Awareness Programme and Voice Ireland. The workshops were followed by a beach clean along Portrane Beach and treasure hunt with a pirate to catch! Our Regional Information Officer for the East and Midlands Region, Annabel Fitzgerald, provided an insightful overview on the work that we do to treat drinking water and deliver it safely to homes and business and to treat wastewater to deliver it safely back to the environment. 

Think Before You Flush

A demonstration was also carried out to highlight the Think Before You Flush campaign which aims to tackle the problem of sewage related litter on Ireland’s beaches. Irish Water is supporting this campaign, led by An Taisce’s Clean Coasts programme, to highlight the problem sanitary products and other items such as baby and face wipes, cleaning wipes, cotton buds and nappies can cause in our marine environment and our wastewater systems if they are flushed down the toilet. For more information, visit our Think Before You Flush page. 

Other speakers included Richard Curin from An Taisce’s Clean Coast programme who provided information on Clean Coasts' Big Beach Clean, its Two Minute Beach Clean programmes and its yearly photography competition. Gordon Chambers from DIT provided details on its Irish micro plastic awareness project and the impact micro plastics have on the environment. You can find out more about the programme via Twitter @microplasticDIT and on Facebook at Irish Microplastics Project. 

Triona Reid from Voice Ireland provided insightful tips on recycling and what can and can’t be recycled in our green bins under the new recycling rules. Catlin Wilson spoke passionately about the environment and coastal erosion in Portrane and Iceland where she lived for many years. More information on the Donabate Portrane Clean Coasts' monthly beach cleans can be found on their Facebook page. Well done to all the volunteers that attended the event and we are looking forward to attending future beach cleans.

Proud to invest in communities across the country

We are proud to invest in our communities across the country through various partnerships with some of Ireland's leading environmental programmes. For more information, visit our Programmes and Sponsorship section.


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