Necessary for delivery of the Tuam Regional Water Supply Scheme

Irish Water working in partnership with Galway County Council has submitted a Compulsory Purchase Order notice to An Bord Pleanála for the delivery of the Tuam Regional Water Supply Scheme which involves an extension to Loughrea.

The CPO if confirmed is for lands relating to the construction of a new water storage reservoir and associated networks in the following areas: Craughwell, Roo, Lecarrow, Moyveela and Oran Beg. If confirmed, the CPO will authorise Irish Water to acquire the land, permanent wayleave and permanent right of way and temporary working areas required for this project.

Project will improve the water quality to approximately 6,000 in Loughrea

The benefit of this project is to improve drinking water quality and security of supply to approximately 6,000 people in Loughrea Town and the surrounding areas.

The first phase of this project will involve the following:

  • Construction of approximately 20km of water mains from Carrowmonesh in Oranmore to Seefin Reservoir site located near Loughrea Town.
  • Construction of a new 1,000m³ reservoir at Seefin.
  • Provision of four new pumping stations in Derrydonnell, Seefin, Lake Road and Knockanaima.
  • Decommissioning of two existing water treatment plants in Loughrea.

The proposed works will take place along the local, regional and national roads between Oranmore and Loughrea.

Consultations have been on-going with all landowners identified on the proposed scheme. However, Irish Water was unable to acquire all of the required wayleaves and lands on a voluntary basis. Given the importance of the project to the water infrastructure, Irish Water will now endeavour to acquire the wayleaves and lands by way of CPO pursuant to the provisions of the Water Services Act, 2007 (as amended).

If the CPO is confirmed then it is expected that works will commence in early 2019.


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