Visit kicks off series of primary and secondary school visits across the North West region

Irish Water staff, based in the regional headquarters in Castlebar, have embarked on a series of primary and secondary school visits across the North West region to talk to students about the water cycle, water conservation and possible water contamination issues.

In the Castlebar area, presentations were made in Belcarra and St Angela’s National Schools recently. The students in Belcarra were particularly interested in the protection of water sources given the strong Tidy Towns presence in the village and surrounding areas.

Water compliance specialist, Pat O’Sullivan, was one of the team who visited the school and spoke to the children about the responsible use of pesticides and the devastating effects on water supplies when there is a contamination incident. Members of the local tidy towns committee also attended the talk and later distributed pesticide awareness leaflets to the public through the local grocery store.

The school ran an art competition around the theme of water source protection and the two winning entries will now be displayed on the village’s river walk. The community has also developed a special insect garden where spraying of pesticides and herbicides is prohibited.

In St. Angela’s, the focus was placed on the water cycle where water comes from, the complex process it goes through in the treatment plant and how potential contamination incidents can occur and can be prevented. Leading these talks were water engineer Sean Higgins and regional communications specialist Sean Corrigan.

At both schools the children engaged in a series of fun experiments which enabled them to gain a greater and clearer understanding of the complex processes raw water goes through to make it safe for consumption.

“Water conservation and source protection is something that everyone should be conscious of and these school presentations are a great opportunity to engage with a captive audience who are so enthusiastic about protecting and preserving the environment.” said Sean Corrigan, Irish Water’s Regional Information Specialist.

Donegal, Mayo, Sligo

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