Blended water supply from Leixlip and Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plants ensures water demand for the area is met

There are no planned water restrictions in the South Dublin County Council area this evening. The blending of water from our Leixlip and Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plants ensures that customers will have a more secure water supply and not be impacted by planned water restrictions.

We would like to acknowledge the impact of no water supply in Newcastle Road, Adamstown and surrounding areas in Lucan, this was as a result of a mechanical issue with a valve on the network. Repairs have been completed and water supply is beginning to return to normal in the impacted areas.

Supply is not meeting current water demand in the Greater Dublin Area

The water supply in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) comes from a number of different Water Treatment Plants. In the GDA at present, supply is not meeting current water demand and Irish Water are managing the water supply network to guarantee to a more secure supply across the entire region. Low-impact pressure reductions continue on a number of areas in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. For information, please visit our information page.

To this end Irish Water will be increasing the supply of water from the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant to areas of South Dublin (Lucan and Palmerstown). These areas were previously supplied with a blend of water from both Leixlip Water Treatment Plant and Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant but now a larger proportion of the water will be supplied from Leixlip Water Treatment Plant. The two supply sources meet drinking water regulations but have different characteristics, with Leixlip water being classified as hard, compared to Ballymore Eustace, due to its higher mineral content. As a result some customers may find that their water tastes different but there is no change to the quality.

Hardness is a natural characteristic of much of Ireland's drinking water supply. Hard water contains high levels of natural minerals absorbed from rock and soil. Hard water is not harmful to your health, in fact, the higher mineral content of hard water (such as Calcium and Magnesium) may confer health benefits above that of soft water.

There are good reasons why Irish Water does not chemically soften hard water

  • There are no health risks involved in drinking and using hard water
  • Softening water removes beneficial minerals from hard water
  • There is no legislative requirement to remove hardness from drinking water
  • Depending on the technology used, artificially softened water may not be suitable for everyone to drink, e.g. increased sodium levels caused by salt softening may not be suitable for infants or at-risk groups
  • Hard water can create an internal protective film on lead pipes or fittings. This can prevent metals such as lead leaching into your drinking water supply. To find out more about the dangers of lead in drinking water visit our dedicated information section

For more information, please visit our page Water Hardness. 

You can contact us for further information on our customer care helpline which is open 24/7 on 1850 278 278 or on Twitter @IWCare.


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