Investment has benefited customers by reducing leakage in the network and improving water pressure to properties

Irish Water has replaced 200m of ageing cast-iron water mains on Annaville Avenue in Stillorgan Co. Dublin, reducing leakage and improving water pressure to customers’ homes. The €100k investment also included the replacement of 39 service connections to properties including a number of lead service connections. A service connection is the waterpipe which joins Irish Water’s public watermain to a customer’s property.

The project on Annaville Avenue was carried out by MJS Civil Engineering on behalf of Irish Water and took six weeks to complete. This investment has benefited customers by improving water pressure to their properties, removing lead service connections and significantly reducing the potential for the occurrence of discoloured water which can happen when water passes through ageing cast-iron water mains. The project has also increased the security of the supply for customers by reducing leakage in the network.

Commenting on the investment Ivan Corcoran, Programme Specialist for the East and Midlands Region, said “The replacement of old cast-iron water mains along Annaville Avenue ensures that customers will have a more reliable and secure water supply.  Customers will benefit from improved water pressure to their properties and improved water quality. 39 service connections were replaced, a number of which were made of lead. The cast-iron pipes which were laid in the early 1900’s, were replaced with High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. This project is part of our ongoing investment in Ireland’s water infrastructure”.

For more information about Irish Water's ongoing projects across the country, please visit our Projects and Plans page.


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