Tunnelling has commenced on construction of new wastewater network

Irish Water, working in partnership with Fingal County Council, is making significant progress on the Blanchardstown Regional Drainage Scheme. Tunnelling has started on the construction of 3.2km of new wastewater network within the Tolka Valley Park. This technique ensures that the impact on the park and its users is kept to a minimum.

The primary works are being contained within an area of Waterville Park where the construction of the underground storm water management facility and pumping station is underway. The storm management facility will hold 30,000m3 -  the equivalent of three times the capacity of Liberty Hall.

Project to safeguard environment

This project represents an Irish Water investment of approximately €88 million in the Blanchardstown region. The delivery of this significant infrastructure project will support existing and future residential and commercial development and will safeguard the environment in Blanchardstown and surrounding areas. The works are scheduled to be completed by 2023.

Speaking about the project's progress, Olive Marshall, Irish Water said “The arrival of the tunnelling equipment on site marks a significant milestone in this project’s progress.The methods we are using now in 2020 are very different than the methods used 50 years ago when the network was originally constructed. Modernising the wastewater infrastructure in Blanchardstown and surrounding areas and making it fit for purpose is critical as the population and economy grow. This project will provide Blanchardstown and the surrounding areas with the infrastructure needed to support the building of houses and schools, to attract new industry and to allow companies to expand and grow.”

More information

For further information regarding this project visit our Blanchardstown Regional Drainage Scheme page.


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