Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, is reminding landlords and tenants to complete registration as early as possible. This will ensure that the bill for water services is issued correctly (i.e. to the person in receipt of the service). Tenants who have registered with Irish Water are eligible for the Water Conservation Grant.

Owners of multiple properties, including Local Authorities, are now invited to confirm their property details with Irish Water. If the property is occupied, landlords can now provide names of their tenants. Irish Water will then engage directly with the occupants and provide them with an opportunity to confirm their details. This will ensure they receive the correct bill and may avail of the Government’s €100 Water Conservation Grant, details of which will be announced by Government later this year.

Completing this process ensures that landlords can avoid receiving a bill for services they are not using themselves. It will also ensure that the tenants are billed correctly and are eligible for the €100 Water Conservation Grant.

Landlord and tenants can confirm details at any time however Irish Water would encourage an early response to ensure details are as accurate as possible in advance of billing.

Tenants and landlords can visit for further information or call Irish Water on 1850 778 778.

Commenting on the campaign, Paul O’Donoghue, Head of Customer Operations said; “We are now in the final stages of preparation for billing to the 1.5 million households on the public network. A national database of customers on the public water network has never been created and it will take time to ensure that database is as accurate as possible. By launching this process for owners of multiple properties we are working towards getting that database right and billing the correct consumer of the water services.”

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