Irish Water recently joined up with East Coast FM for Water Wise Wicklow, a week of interviews highlighting the importance of water and the critical work carried out every day by those working in the water industry to deliver essential drinking water and wastewater services across Wicklow.

Each day, on The Morning Show with Declan Meehan, listeners heard about all aspects of our most precious resource from how our drinking water is treated, the challenges of finding a fixing leaks, the Think before you Flush Campaign, Arklow wastewater treatment plant, the Green-Schools water theme as well as what a career in the water industry looks like.

Speaking about the series of interviews, John O’Donoghue, Regional Operations Manager, Irish Water said “We are delighted to join up with East Coast FM to highlight the importance of water and celebrate our colleagues in the wider water industry. Our future and the future of our water are inextricably linked. Securing them both needs awareness and a new respect for our most precious natural resource so that we can all play our part in safeguarding our water for our future.

East Coast FM’s Programme Director, Dave Harrington, said “East Coast FM's Water Wise Wicklow Week is about focusing on the critical value of water and the ongoing projects to upgrade Wicklow’s drinking water supply and wastewater treatment. Our listeners got to hear compelling contributions from a range of experts in the water industry. We are delighted to be able to facilitate Irish Water, Wicklow County Council and Green Schools in delivering their expert knowledge and unique perspective to our audience across the Garden County.

John O’Donoghue, Regional Operations Manager with Irish Water and Peter Thornton, Water Engineer discuss the operations behind delivering vital water and wastewater services to Wicklow and the Greater Dublin Area. Listen back.

Aphra Leavy, Process Optimisation Officer with Irish Water, shares insights into her role with Irish Water and what led her to choose a career in the water services industry. Listen back.

Fran Glancy, Drinking Water Compliance Lead with Irish Water, describes the complex process behind the way we treat, monitor and test the drinking water that reaches our taps to ensure it’s safe to drink while Caoimhe O’Brien from Green Schools describes the work they do in developing awareness around water conservation in schools. Listen back.

Joe Carroll, Irish Water and Noel Doody, Water Inspector and Supervisor with Wicklow County Council talk about the size and scale of the leakage problem and the important work that is being delivered as part of the Leakage Reduction Programme across Wicklow. Listen back.

Michael Tinsley discusses Irish Water’s work to end the discharge of untreated wastewater in Arklow and Donal Heaney discusses the Think before you Flush Campaign and the problems that flushing unsuitable items down the toilet instead of the bin is causing to our wastewater network and our marine environment. Listen back.

Irish Water continues to work with our Local Authority partners, contractors and others to safeguard the health and well-being of both staff and the public and to ensure the continuity of critical drinking water and wastewater services. 

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