Irish Water, working in partnership with Laois County Council, is investing €2.7 million in the construction of a new water treatment plant for Portarlington and the surrounding areas. This investment is part of the Portarlington Water Supply Scheme and the new treatment plant will be constructed at the existing La Bergerie, Wellfield site. The investment will provide a reliable and sustainable water supply for Portarlington and the surrounding areas.

The contract for the project was signed today by Irish Water and Veolia Water Ireland.  Work on the new treatment plant is expected to start in the coming months and it will take approximately 12 months to complete the project. This investment will deliver a modern treatment plant that will provide a reliable service to existing customers and will also support future growth and development in the area for residential and commercial expansion.

Commenting on the investment announcement, Water Treatment Programme Specialist for Irish Water William McKnight said “Providing a safe and secure water supply for the communities and businesses in Portarlington and the surrounding areas is a key objective for Irish Water. We are pleased to deliver this project that will provide real benefits for the community in terms of security, quality and reliability of supply. This is one of the many investments Irish Water is making to improve the water and wastewater infrastructure in Ireland that is in need of critical investment”.

Irish Water invested €340 million in improving water and wastewater services in 2014 and over €363 million during 2015. Irish Water plans to spend €532 million on water services in 2016. Capital investment in the region of €700 million per year is required for a sustained period of several decades to address the acknowledged deficiencies in the country’s water infrastructure. Works have been prioritised to address the most critical issues in line with commitments outlined in the recently published Business Plan. Delivery of the business plan will involve a €5.5bn investment in capital spending on drinking water and wastewater quality and capacity and new infrastructure up to 2021.


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