Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, has announced it will invest €2.4 million in the rehabilitation and replacement of 6.7 kms of water mains in Edenderry and Kilcormac. The contract, which was signed yesterday, Monday, 1 February with GMC Sierra, will see the work begin in March.
The water mains rehabilitation project will result in an improvement in water supply and pressure while significantly reducing the amount of water lost through leakage.

The majority of the properties where works are to be carried out are served by backyard water mains. The works will involve replacing the common backyard shared services with a new watermain on the public road and connecting the new watermain to each property with a new service pipe. The benefits of this include easier access to the water mains in the case of any future maintenance or operational work that is required. In addition, the removal of the common backyard service connections allow for individual ownership of each property connection instead of shared responsibility for a communal service.

The works will be carried out in short sections to minimise impact on residents, businesses and road users. There will be some short-term water cut offs for a number of hours over the course of a day or two when the new pipes are being connected to the new water mains. 48 hours notice will be given to homeowners in advance of water shut offs.

Homeowners in the affected areas will be notified ahead of the works commencing and provided with contact details should they have any questions. Where necessary, representatives of the contractor will visit residents in the coming weeks to arrange to carry out surveys of properties supplied by backyard water mains. The purpose of these surveys will be to discuss the proposed service replacement works in detail and address any concerns residents may have regarding the proposed works.

Padraig Hanly, Water Network & Rehabilitation Programmes Regional Lead at Irish Water said; “The replacement of defective water mains and water services connections is vital to reduce leakage levels in the county. The replacement 6.7kms of water mains in Edenderry and Kilcormac will ensure customers have a secure and reliable water supply to their homes and businesses. Irish Water has a target to reduce network leakage to less than 38% by 2021 and this project is part of our plan to achieve this target”.

This project forms part of Irish Water’s investment plan where over €530 million will be invested in upgrading water services in 2016 to improve the country’s water and wastewater infrastructure.


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