Safeguarding our precious water supply

We are delighted to announce the launch of a water conservation guide and dedicated advice section titled Conservation In the Pharma Manufacturing Industry to support the Irish pharmaceutical industry in safeguarding our precious water supply. The guide sets out a series of practical steps that will assist companies to lower water consumption and operating costs while protecting the environment.

The pharma industry utilises high quality water for its daily operations as a direct ingredient for medicine and health products and indirectly for rinsing and sanitising. Our bespoke industry advice outlines how water savings can be achieved through a combination of changing behaviour, using water saving equipment to reduce overall consumption and increasing internal reuse. It also conveys the importance of assessing current water use and setting goals to ensure that water conservation strategies also result in reduced costs.

Irish Water's Christine Crawford said “Irish Water is supporting Irish business with industry specific water conservation guides and an accredited water stewardship training programme to help our country to move to a more sustainable water supply. We are delighted to work with Ibec and the pharmaceutical industry on this campaign.”  

Supporting Irish business with industry specific water conservation guides

As part of our support of Irish businesses, we are also running a Water Stewardship Training Programme in partnership with Central Solutions and the Lean & Green Skillnet. The programme is an international best practice certification, accredited by the European Water Stewardship Standard that specifically supports business customers with training on water conservation. Through the training programme, business are given tools to reduce water bills and to ensure that water is used in a sustainable way which benefits people and the environment.

“It is often useful for businesses to appoint a Water Steward, a person in charge of safeguarding water and coordinating the water reduction process. For water stewardship support, the pharmaceutical industry can avail of Irish Water’s training programme, a Certification in International Best Practice Water Stewardship” adds Christine.

Water Stewardship Training Programme

The water conservation campaign and the water stewardship programme is fully supported by Ireland’s largest business stakeholder groups, agencies and business.

“Irish Water’s water conservation campaign provides a great overview of how to save and use water more efficiently in the biopharmaceutical industry. IBEC’s BioPharmaChem Ireland association encourages Irish business to move to environmentally responsible water management to save money on their annual water bills and protect our water supplies” said Michael Gillen of BioPharmaChem Ireland (BPCI).

More information

To access the water conservation guide, please visit our Pharmaceutical Conservation page. Visit our the Irish Water Certified Water Steward Programme page to register for our training programme.

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