On Thursday 7 April 2016 over 50 students from two primary schools in Co Donegal participated in the Green-Schools ‘Walk for Water’ event in Glenveagh National Park to mark ‘World Water Day’.

Irish Water partners with Green-Schools to deliver the Water theme of the Green-Schools programme. The ‘Walk for Water’ event is aimed at raising awareness about the plight of many people across the world, who do not have access to a sustainable source of clean drinking water. This year’s theme was 'Water and Jobs', focusing on how enough quantity and quality of water can change workers' lives and livelihoods - and even transform societies and economies.

Third and fourth class students from Raphoe Central National School were accompanied by second and third class students from St Baithin’s National School in Lifford and their teachers to mark this important occasion.

The students took to the scenic route in Glenveagh National Park to walk six kilometres carrying two litres of water in recycled bottles to raise awareness of water scarcity in developing countries. The bottles were filled from the park’s lake and emptied back into the lake after the walk was complete.

Commenting on the ‘Walk for Water’ event Annabel FitzGerald, Irish Water said: “Irish Water are delighted to partner with Green-Schools to support schools in implementing sustainable water programmes and to raise awareness of and engagement in water related issues. The ‘Walk for Water’ event at Glenveagh National Park is about raising awareness about the lack of access to clean water for many people across the world. It is fantastic to see so many students taking part in the walk, which allows them to walk in another person’s shoes and see the challenges involved in gaining access to clean water. I would like to commend everyone taking part in this challenge,” she concluded.

In 2015, ‘Walk for Water’ events saw 36,500 students in 11 countries raised funds for 34 water projects in countries in Asia and Africa. In partnership with Green-Schools, Irish Water encourages schools across Ireland to organise their own initiatives to highlight this issue.


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