Irish Water is investing €1.3m to upgrade the fleet of Water Services vans operating in Limerick City and County as part of its ongoing strategy to improve the service delivered to customers.

The upgrade sees 59 new vans coming into service to replace the existing fleet of vehicles currently operating in the city and county. This will ensure that staff working in Limerick will be able to deliver a more effective and efficient service to our customers.

Currently, the average age of the fleet in Limerick is more than eight years old. The new, modern fleet will enable Limerick City and County Council staff working on behalf of Irish Water to carry out their work in greater safety, while also being able to respond faster and more effectively to issues with the water and wastewater infrastructure as they arise.

Bringing these new vehicles into service will also mean that there will be fewer breakdowns, improved working conditions for staff and faster response times when emergencies arise.

Ian O’Mahony, Irish Water’s Operations Lead for Limerick, commented “We are delighted to be in a position to hand over this new fleet of vans to Limerick City and County Council. This investment in a modern, efficient fleet of vans will enable personnel to carry out their work in a much safer and more efficient manner, ultimately improving the service we offer to our customers.

“Having a safe, properly managed modern fleet will enable more effective inspection, servicing and maintenance of Irish Water’s water and wastewater assets throughout Limerick. This fleet will also enable staff to respond to emergencies much quicker, in line with all regulatory requirements"

“This investment is in line with Irish Water’s commitment to developing a systematic approach to the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater networks in order to continue to deliver a quality service to all our customers.”

Caroline Curley, Director of Services with Limerick City and County Council, said “We are very pleased to take delivery of this new fleet of service vehicles. Having an efficient, modern fleet of vans will ensure that our staff can continue to provide top class delivery of water and wastewater services to the people of Limerick city and county.”

The new fleet comprises Peugeot, Opel and Ford vans. Extensive consultation has taken place with the local authority staff and management to ensure that these vehicles are fit for purpose and will meet all operational requirements.


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