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Irish Water is reducing the carbon footprint in Limerick and Tipperary

Irish Water is reducing the carbon footprint of treatment plants in Limerick and Tipperary through a sustainable energy pilot project.

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19 July 2019

Essential upgrades to sewer network on Old Connaught Avenue, Bray

Part of the provision of essential wastewater infrastructure

  • Constructing 313m of uPVC sewer mains
  • Works will commence the week of July 22nd
  • Project will rectify blockages and structural defects

19 July 2019

Essential upgrade works are ongoing at Staleen Water Treatment Plant

Works will safeguard supply in South Louth and East Meath

  • Possible supply restrictions for customers in Donore
  • Works scheduled to be completed in Q4 2019
  • Part of wider investment to the region

19 July 2019

Boil Water Notice issued for properties on the Ballymorris Public Water Supply

Precautionary notice in place following elevated levels of turbidity

  • 17 customers affected by this supply
  • Notices hand delivered to properties
  • List of actions that should be taken

18 July 2019

Water mains improvement works at spring Lane, Blackpool, Cork

May cause disruption to supply on Tuesday July 23rd from 7pm to 11pm

  • Possible reduced water pressure and water outages
  • Supply may take 2-3 hours to return following works
  • Part of our national Leakage Reduction Programme

17 July 2019

Restoring water supply to customers in Ratoath and Kilbride following major pipe burst

Major burst on the Curragha-Ratoath watermain

  • The area may be impacted by water outages
  • Expected to be completed at 8pm this evening
  • Traffic management system will be in place

17 July 2019

Water conservation campaign launched to encourage the public to use only what they need

52% of the public acknowledge that they waste water

  • We all have to play a part in conserving water
  • Small measures can have a big impact
  • Safe, clean, treated water is not in unlimited supply

15 July 2019

Water main improvement works on Vevay Road in Bray may cause disruption to supply on Wednesday

Part of national Leakage Reduction Programme

  • We're installing 950 metres of new water mains
  • May result in reduced pressure and outages
  • Supply may take 2-3 hours to return as network refills

12 July 2019

Red letter day for Enniscorthy as new wastewater treatment plant is opened

The plant enhances the town’s status

  • Ceremony took place at the Riverside Park hotel 
  • Ensuring Enniscorthy is complaint with stringent requirements 
  • Increase in capacity from 16,000 to 26,000 population equivalent

11 July 2019

Ending of raw sewage discharge in Cork Lower Harbour

Ending of discharge from Passage West and Monkstown marks major milestone 

  • Equivalent of 30,000 wheelie bins of sewage being treated daily
  • Work now commencing on Northern side of the harbour
  • 20,000 homes and businesses connected to new scheme

11 July 2019

A safer and more reliable water supply for homes and businesses in Ferns

As leakage reduction works planned for Main Street

  • Works will begin on Tuesday July 16
  • Involves replacing over 298 metres of water mains
  • Traffic management will be in place

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