Irish Water welcomes reduction in number of water supply schemes in Waterford on EPA’s Remedial Action List

Irish Water is pleased to confirm that the Inchinleamy Water Supply Scheme has been removed from the EPA’s Remedial Action list following the completion of upgrade works at the treatment plant.

The Remedial Action List is updated quarterly by the EPA. Irish Water has a prioritised programme of investment for all schemes on the list and the current updated RAL which showed a reduction from 90 to 87 schemes is a reflection of this progress. By 2021 the utility plans to reduce the number of schemes on the RAL to zero. 

The removal of Inchinleamy from the latest RAL update follows the completion of works to address inadequate disinfection at the plant. This work also included the commissioning of a new borehole which will ensure a safer, more secure water supply for customers.

Its removal reduces the number of Waterford schemes in the RAL to three. This includes the Ring-Helvick scheme which serves a population of approximately 870. Extensive work has been carried out on a section of the network affected by a boil water notice on this scheme, which resulted in the notice being lifted in February. The supply remains on the RAL due to elevated levels of THMs, or Trihalomethanes. These are chemicals formed by the reaction of naturally occurring dissolved organic material and chlorine which is used for disinfection in order to protect against pathogenic bacteria.

Irish Water has put in place the first national THM plan and a prioritised programme of investment to address all inadequacies in drinking water parameters including THMs. By 2021 the utility aims to reduce the number of schemes on the RAL to zero with an investment of €327 million in upgrading water supplies at risk from THMs.

It is ultimately intended to replace the existing water source for Ring-Helvick and connect to the Dungarvan supply. In the meantime work is ongoing to optimise the disinfection process at the treatment plant.

The Lismore water supply is also on the RAL due to the elevated levels of THMs. An action plan has been put in place to resolve this issue and tender documents for planned upgrade work have been issued. This work is expected to be completed by early next year.

In Stradbally, improvements works are underway at the water treatment plant to address issues with higher than normal levels of aluminium. These are expected to be completed later this year.

Speaking about the RAL and the ongoing work in Waterford, David Sharry, Irish Water’s Capital Programmes Regional Lead, said: “Irish Water is pleased to confirm that Inchinleamy has been removed from the RAL, bringing the number of Waterford water supply schemes on the list down to three.

As a single utility Irish Water is able to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of Ireland’s drinking water production plants and where serious compliance challenges are found they can be tackled more effectively and efficiently.”


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