Replacing approximately 4.8km of old water mains

Good progress is being made in works to improve the water supply for residents and businesses in Turner’s Cross by tackling the high levels of leakage in the area. Irish Water, working in partnership with Cork City Council, is replacing approximately 4.8km of old water mains that are leaking and more liable to bursts due to their age and poor condition.

Part of our Leakage Reduction Programme

This is part of our Leakage Reduction Programme which is a national programme to provide a more reliable water supply, improve water quality and tackle the high levels of leakage in Ireland’s water network. In Cork more than half of all water treated and supplied to the city’s water network is currently lost to leakage. This is a legacy of decades of underinvestment in the city’s water supply, with some of the water mains in the area over a century old.

Works have been ongoing since December

The works, which are being carried out by Coffey Northumbrian Ltd on our behalf, have been ongoing in Turner’s Cross since December and are due to continue until November of this year.

Areas that will benefit from the works

The communities to benefit include O’Connell Avenue, Friars Road, Congress Road, Derrynane Road, Beaufort Park, Doyle Road, Evergreen Road, Father Mathew Road, Hollyville, Mercier Park, Murphy’s Gardens, O'Connell Crescent, St. Anne’s Park, St. Patrick’s Road and Mountpleasant Avenue.

The works involve the decommissioning of old cast iron water mains and associated lead service connections. New water mains are being constructed along the public roads and new service connections are being installed from the new water mains to individual properties. The service connections in these communities are predominantly made from lead. Lead is now a recognised health concern. As part of this improvement project the public side lead is being replaced.

Areas where new water mains have been installed

To date, new water mains have been successfully installed on O’Connell Avenue, O’Connell Crescent, Doyle Road, Fr. Mathew Road, Friars Road, Derrynane Road, Congress Road, Mount Pleasant Avenue and Upper Friars Road. Service connections have been installed from the new water mains on O’Connell Avenue, O’Connell Crescent, Doyle Road, Fr. Mathew Road and Friars Road.

Reinstatement of the road surface on O’Connell Avenue is currently underway and is expected to be completed shortly. Service connections on Doyle’s Road are also being completed, as are the crossings on Curragh Road at both ends of the Mercier Park loop. Temporary road surface reinstatement will take place in the interim ahead of permanent reinstatement in areas where works are being carried out.

Steven Blennerhassett, Leakage Reduction Programme Regional Lead

“Replacing these old water mains and service pipes will reduce the likelihood of water outages, improve water quality and overall provide the communities in Turners Cross with a more reliable water supply,”

“As old cast iron pipes age, not only do they become more susceptible to bursts and leakage, but are also subject to a build-up of rust and other deposits which can affect water quality. By removing these old pipes – as well as any lead service connections we find – we are also improving the quality of water supplied to people in the area."

“We would like to thank local residents and businesses for their ongoing patience and support as we work together to deliver these improvements for Turner’s Cross; and Cork City Council for their continuing efforts in delivering this programme of works. We will continue to work with the community to minimise disruption. Customers can phone Irish Water on Callsave 1850 278 278 if they have any further questions about the project,” he added. 

More information

For more information, please visit our National Leakage Reduction Programme page.


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