Improvements on the water network in Donore

25 February 2022

Homes and businesses in Donore can look forward to improved water quality and a more reliable water supply

Homes and businesses in Donore, Co. Louth can look forward to improved water quality and a more reliable water supply following the completion of water mains upgrade. These works were carried out by GMC Utilities Group Limited as part of Irish Water’s national Leakage Reduction Programme. 

Working in partnership with Louth County Council, Irish Water replaced nearly 1km of old and problematic cast iron water mains along Donore Road in the Donore Industrial Estate with modern pipes, reducing the number of bursts and water outages impacting customers and providing them with a more safe and secure water supply. 

Outlining the benefits of these works Matt Thomson, Leakage Reduction Programme Regional Lead with Irish Water, explained: “The importance of replacing aging watermains in a busy area like Donore cannot be underestimated. These works will ensure the provision of a safe and secure drinking water supply and will also reduce the amount of clean drinking water lost through leakage. Reducing the level of leakage is hugely important for Donore. These vital upgrades will mean an improved water supply to homes and businesses now and into the future.”

Matt added: “This project is part of a significant investment by Irish Water to upgrade the water network across Louth and we would like to thank customers for their continued cooperation and patience while we continue to upgrade and improve the water supply in County Louth.”

Our customer care helpline is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278 and customers can also contact us on Twitter @IWCare with any queries. For updates on works happening across Louth please see our Water Supply Updates section.  

This project is one example of how Irish Water is continuing to work in partnership with Louth County Council to reduce leaks every day. Fixing leaks can be complicated with over 63,000km of water pipe in Ireland. Most leaks aren’t visible, resulting in precious water being lost but we are making progress. In 2018 the rate of leakage nationally was 46%, by the end of 2021 it was reduced to 38%. We are on track to achieve a national leakage rate of 32% by the end of 2024.

Irish Water is responsible for the delivery of all public water and wastewater services in Ireland. We are committed to continuously upgrading and developing critical infrastructure to support the growth needed in housing and across our economy, while protecting the environment and safeguarding water supplies.