Construction of new water treatment plant in Letterkenny benefiting over 25,000 customers

Irish Water and Donegal County Council welcome the construction of a new water treatment plant in Letterkenny which is benefiting over 25,000 customers. The works were carried out by Glan Agua on behalf of Irish Water to improve the quality of drinking water supplied to customers in the Letterkenny area.

This project involved the construction of a new water treatment plant in Goldrum as well as the replacement of approximately 4.5 kilometres of water main from the water supply sources to the new water treatment plant. Approximately one kilometre of trunk main and distribution main at Goldrum water treatment plant was also constructed. Works also included the upgrade of pumping stations and intakes and the decommissioning of the existing Letterkenny water treatment plant. This project also included the construction of a new water treatment plant in Creeslough which was completed last year.

Speaking on behalf of Irish Water John McElwaine said “Since taking over responsibility for the public water and wastewater infrastructure in 2014, Irish Water has developed a cohesive plan to address many of the challenges facing us. This particular project at Goldrum that has been completed represents an investment of over €20m by Irish Water in Letterkenny and is part of our commitment to improve water services throughout Donegal. 

Barrier in place for cryptosporidium

“The Letterkenny water supply was on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Remedial Action List (RAL) for elevated levels of trihalomethanes (THM) and for the lack of a barrier to cryptosporidium entering the supply. The RAL identifies drinking water supplies that are ‘at risk’ of failing to consistently supply safe, clean, drinking water. The new treatment plant at Goldrum now ensures that there is a barrier in place for cryptosporidium and that the water being produced meets all parametric values as specified by European Drinking Water regulations. 

“Irish Water is continuing to invest in Donegal’s public drinking water. The latest report from the EPA shows that Irish Water has reduced the number of schemes on the RAL in Donegal from 12 to one since 2015. Works are continuing on the last remaining water supply on the RAL in Donegal at Glenties-Ardara with a view to having it removed from the RAL as soon as possible.” 

Plant to greatly improve drinking water quality

Speaking about the completion of the project Letterkenny Chamber CEO Toni Forrester added “Letterkenny Chamber is pleased that construction of the new drinking water treatment plant at Goldrum is complete, which will greatly improve drinking water quality for the people of Letterkenny. Irish Water has to be commended for the level of investment the utility has put into Letterkenny and we look forward to this continuing for years to come including the sewer works and watermain works which are currently underway.”

Mayor of Letterkenny - Milford Municipal District, Cllr Donal Coyle said “I am delighted that the construction of the new water treatment plant in Goldrum is complete representing improved drinking water quality and security of supply. It is also of great importance to the town of Letterkenny as it will assist in the support of economic and social development in the area as well as tourism.” 

Investment plan

These works form part of Irish Water’s investment plan where works have been prioritised to address the most critical issues. Delivery of the investment plan will involve a multi-billion euro investment programme on drinking water and wastewater projects for years to come.

More information

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