Irish Water has completed works to upgrade the Kilcoole, Kilpedder and Redcross Wastewater Treatment Plants. The work has improved the level of treatment at the wastewater treatment plants which will benefit the surrounding environments. Irish Water invested €600,000 in the upgrade works.

The treatment plant upgrades included inlet flow measurement upgrades, new inlet screen upgrades, health and safety upgrades and installation of new aeration systems at Kilcoole and Redcross wastewater treatment plants.  Sludge system upgrades, a new storm flow control tank and system inlet upgrades at Kilpedder wastewater treatment plant were carried out.

The investment has improved the operational efficiency at the plant and helped to reduce the noise and odour emissions from the plants. The work has improved the quality of the discharge from the wastewater treatment plants into Kilcoole Stream and Redcross River to ensure the plants are fully compliant with environmental regulations set out by the Environmental Protect Agency. The work also improved energy efficiency at the plants which help to reduce operating costs.

Commenting on the project Ivan Corcoran, Capital Programmes Lead, East and Midlands Region, said “Investment in the Kilcoole, Kilpedder and Redcross Wastewater Treatment plants has improved the quality of the effluent, increased the efficiency at the plants, provided greater operational control and reduced the risk of overflows at times of heavy rainfall. This investment will benefit the environment as the risk to overflows into the Kilcoole Stream and Redcross River has been reduced.”

Irish Water collects wastewater from over 1,000 separate communities connected to the wastewater network and treats around 1,600 million litres of wastewater daily before discharging it back into our rivers, harbours and coastal areas. By 2021, as outlined in the Irish Water Business Plan, we plan to have all discharges to our rivers and seas treated before being released. Our programme of work will include, not only improving capacity to ensure Irish Water can facilitate the growth of the new homes and industry but also protecting our coasts, which has a huge impact on tourism and local businesses.


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