New water treatment plant nominated for Water Project of the Year

Irish Water’s new water treatment plant by the shore of Lough Guitane in County Kerry, supplying drinking water to the surrounding, predominantly rural area has been nominated for a Global Water Award under the category of Water Project of the Year.

The project, in association with Kerry County Council, and undertaken by Nicholas O'Dwyer Ltd, TOBIN Consulting Engineers and Glan Agua Ltd. before the new plant started operating in 2018, drinking water for tens of thousands of homes and businesses in Central Kerry fell short of quality criteria, leading to the area being placed on the country’s Environmental Protection Agency Remedial Action List.

Treatment plant has helped remove 62,000 customers from EPA's RAL

The Central Regional Supply Scheme, with the Lough Guitane plant as its centrepiece, by offering state-of-the-art treatment and distribution to the area has removed 62,000 customers from the list and enhances the quality and reliability of the water supplied to the 1.2 million visitors to the region each year.

First major project in Ireland recognised for achieving BIM Level 2 standard

The new plant was the first major project in Ireland to be recognised for achieving the level of collaboration in construction and operation to a Building Information Models (BIM) Level 2 standard, which helps designers model entire facilities and networks. This allowed potential problems to be foreseen and prevented at the design stage of the plant.

In a further innovation drive, operation at the plant is almost fully automated. What little human intervention is required can be done remotely, thanks to mobile tablet technology. This allows staff to make adjustments and see results in real time from where they are located.

Managing Director, Eamon Gallen

“This is a very prestigious award and Irish Water were competing with some incredibly innovative projects that also made a significant contributions to the water industry and to the communities that benefited. Irish Water’s Kerry Central Water Supply Scheme competed with projects in Saudi Arabia, the US and Russia. Unfortunately we did not win on this occasion but this is the third major nomination for the Kerry Central Water Supply Scheme. The Scheme has already won the Engineer’s Ireland Engineering Project of the Year 2018 and Civil Engineering Project of the Year at the 2019 Construction Excellent Awards."

“This project was a very complicated one due to the scale, nature and location of the plant. It requires advanced water treatment processes and includes recycling to conserve water and the use of pumping stations, pipelines, an upgraded hydroelectric power turbine and water storage for up to 15 million litres of water, which is the equivalent of six Olympic-sized swimming pools."

“We are delighted the project has received additional recognition on the international stage. I would like to thank all the project team including staff in Irish Water, Kerry County Council, Nicholas O’Dywer, TOBIN Consulting and Glan Agua who met the size and scale of the challenge of this project and developed a solution that would safeguard the supply of safe, clean drinking water for so many people in Kerry.”


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