Students from Glebe National School in Wicklow with Annabel Fitzgerald from Irish Water

Irish Water visited Glebe National School for an interactive presentation on water and wastewater treatment and for a talk and fun demonstration on our sponsorship of the initiative ‘Think Before You Flush’.

Regional Information Specialist Annabel Fitzgerald visited Glebe National School to meet with pupils and tell them all about the work Irish Water does.

Commenting on the visit, Irish Water’s Regional Information Specialist Annabel Fitzgerald said “I am delighted to meet with pupils from Glebe National School. This is a great opportunity to meet local schools and tell students about the work Irish Water is doing to fix our really old water networks and improve water treatment to protect the health of generations to come.

Wastewater management and the Think before your Flush initiative

On the wastewater side, we are tasked with improving water quality in our rivers, lakes and seas, by fixing old waste water treatment plants, or building completely new waste water treatment plants and protecting all of the habitats and ecosystems in those environments treated water discharges into. We also provided an overview of the ‘Think Before You Flush’ initiative to highlight what items should never be flushed down the toilet as items such as face wipes, wet wipes, nappies and cotton buds can cause serious damage to our plants and to the environment as they can end up on beaches, in rivers and lakes.

Water is one of the most essential resources on earth, critical for human health

Water is one of the most essential resources on earth, critical for human health, the production of food and for industrial activity. The provision of clean drinking water and the disposal of wastewater in a manner that protects the environment is vital to our daily lives, and for economic and social development, which is why these events are critical for educating and informing our future generations about the importance of our work in this area.” 

A career with Irish Water

Irish Water employs almost 800 staff across the country in a variety of disciplines including engineering, environment, science, health and safety, HR, finance, legal, planning and communications.

For information on our current roles including details on how to apply, visit our Careers section.


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