Galway City Council, partnering with Irish Water, visited the Merlin Woods Primary School last week to discuss the water cycle and importance of water conservation as part of the European Green Leaf awarded to Galway in 2017. Presentations and experiments were made in the second and fourth classes who were very enthusiastic about learning about this important topic.

In June 2016 Galway City was awarded the European Green Leaf for 2017, the first Irish city to be awarded this designation. Galway was selected over two other strong finalists in Spain and Finland.

“Recognising the commitment of Galway City to environmental initiatives, this award is testament to the commitment of the City in achieving better environmental outcomes" explained Lieze Fanning, acting Senior Engineer with Galway City Council.

From now until the end of the year Galway City Council will be running various environmentally themed events with July designated as water month. Irish Water will be working closely with Galway City Council’s water section to support them throughout the year.

“Water conservation is something that everyone should be conscious of and these school presentations are a great opportunity to engage with a captive audience who are so enthusiastic about protecting and preserving the environment” added Sean Corrigan, Irish Water’s Regional Information Specialist.

Irish Water has commenced work on the Galway City Water Conservation Project which will improve the reliability and quality of the water supply in Galway City through the rehabilitation and replacement of old water mains which are prone to leakage and frequent bursts across the city. This project represents an investment of €7.3 million by Irish Water in Galway.

Working in partnership with Galway City Council, site investigation works have taken place to examine the water infrastructure within the city.

These in-depth investigation works will enable Irish Water to evaluate the ground conditions and location of the existing water mains and other utility services and address the water main rehabilitation and replacement needs for Galway City. The rehabilitation and replacement of old water mains will reduce the amount of water lost to leakage from the old pipes and it will also improve the reliability and quality of the water supply for homes and businesses across the city.

The site investigative works for this project are now complete and contracts will shortly be going to tender for the commencement of the rehabilitation works. It is expected that these contracts will be awarded at the end of 2017.


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