Irish Water is progressing the proposed Foxford Sewerage Scheme Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant and will be tendering for the project later this year with a view to having a contactor in place in the summer of 2017.  This project is being done at the same time as the Killala and Charlestown Sewerage Schemes to reduce costs and disruption.

Irish Water recognises the importance of addressing the issues with the existing Foxford WWTP which has persistent quality failures under the Urban Wastewater Treatment Regulations. A new plant is required to prevent further pollution and to comply with the EPA’s Wastewater Discharge licence.

The existing plant is currently overloaded, outdated and needs to be upgraded and its capacity increased to cater of the existing load, projected growth and to provide for growth in the area. The plant currently discharges to the River Moy, which is a salmonid river and a Special Area of Conservation.

Given the limited space available on the current site Irish Water proposes to build a new Wastewater Treatment Plant on a greenfield site, to provide wastewater treatment for a population equivalent of 3,000.  An upgrade and rehabilitation of the existing wastewater collection network will also be completed together with replacement/upgrade of three existing pumping stations.  

The benefits of the project will include a modern and up to date wastewater treatment system that will cater for economic growth, compliance with the Urban Water Wastwater Treatment

The Government has stated its support for the Irish Water capital investment programme of €5.5 billion out to 2021 and Irish Water continues to focus on delivering its ambitious plans to address decades of underinvestment in Ireland’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure. Already in Mayo over €18 million has been invested by Irish Water in the Lough Mask Regional Water Supply Scheme with another €21.4 million committed to water projects. A further estimated €12.7 million will be spent on wastewater projects including €9 million announced by Irish Water this month for a new Wastewater Treatment Plant in Belmullet.


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