The First Fix Free scheme, which has been underway for just six months, is already delivering significant results, saving an estimated 18 million litres of water every day. This is the enough water to provide the daily requirement of every home in Kerry.

At the end of August, water meters installed by Irish Water had already identified 50,000 leaks on customer properties throughout the country. Irish Water has written to over 35,000 of those customers to alert them of a potential leak on their property and will continue to write to customers to alert them. The national installation of water meters allows Irish Water to identify where customer side leaks are occurring and Irish Water expects to write to 70,000 customers by the time metering programme is completed. 

Many of the customers contacted by Irish Water in relation to the First Fix Free scheme were unaware that they had a significant leak on their property. Leak investigations and repair works for properties that show the largest leaks are being completed first and Irish Water has already repaired almost 1,300 leaks saving over 11 million litres of water every day. A further 2,200 customers that Irish Water has alerted have undertaken their own repairs saving a further 7 million of litres every day.

For those customers who have been alerted about a potential leak by Irish Water there are a number of simple steps to take. Following simple internal checks by the homeowner within the house customers can then, if the leaks persist, contact Irish Water to avail of a free leak investigation. The First Fix Free scheme offers this investigation to see if there is a leak on the customer’s external supply pipe between the meter and the house. If this is the case then it may be possible for customers to avail of a free repair through the First Fix Free scheme.

As with all normal repair and maintenance issues in the home, if a leak is confirmed which is internal to the house, then, customers will be advised to arrange a repair. Commenting on the Frist Fix Free scheme, Jerry Grant, Head of Assets at Irish Water said, “Repairing leaks on household water pipes whether inside or outside the house will save water and save money, in both the short and long term, and will help to secure a sustainable water supply to Irish Water customers.

Repairing a leak can help to prevent reduced water pressure or supply interruptions in customers homes. If you have a meter, and have been notified by Irish Water of a potential leak, contact us to find out more about the steps which can be taken to reduce leakage.”

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