Project will ensure an improved supply to over 9,000 customers in Loughrea area

A contract to extend the Tuam Regional Water Supply to Loughrea has been signed by Irish Water. Once complete, the €13.8m project will ensure a robust, safe and secure water supply to over 9,000 local residents and businesses in the Loughrea area.
The contract for the design, construction and commissioning of the Tuam Regional Water Supply Scheme Extension to Shareridge and Farrans as a joint venture. Works are due to commence in the coming weeks and it is expected that the project will take approximately 18 months to complete.

What does the project involve?

The project will see the construction of approximately 20km of water mains from Carrowmonesh in Oranmore to the Seefin Reservoir, and the construction of a new 1,000m3 reservoir at Seefin. Two new pumping stations will be built at Derrydonnell and Seefin and modification works will take place at existing pump stations in Lake Road and Knockanaima.
The project will provide a more reliable, robust and secure water supply for 9,000 people and businesses in Loughrea and surrounding areas. It will also enable future economic development in the area. Once complete it will lead to the decommissioning of two existing water treatment plants in Loughrea.

Where will the works take place? 

The proposed works will take place along the local, regional and national roads between Oranmore and Loughrea in County Galway. During the works traffic management will be in place and local access will be maintained at all times. There are also some works to take place on private land adjacent to the roads along this route.  

Commenting on the project Padraig Hanley, Irish Water, stated “This project will see water coming from one of the most robust treatment plants in the region to bring security of supply to families and businesses in Loughrea. The project team will ensure the local community is notified in advance of any works commencing and residents and businesses in the areas to benefit from the planned improvements can phone Irish Water on Callsave 1850 278 278 if they have any questions about the project or visit the Loughrea project page."

Irish Water’s Business Plan

This project forms part of Irish Water’s investment plan. Works have been prioritised to address the most critical issues in line with commitments outlined in Irish Water’s Business Plan. Delivery of the business plan will involve a €5.5 billion investment in capital spending on drinking water and wastewater quality and capacity and new infrastructure up to 2021. 



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