Irish Water is working closely with Dublin City Council to carry out a programme of work to upgrade a number of aging and fragile old brick lined sewers in Dublin City Centre in a bid to protect the environment and support the development of the City. The investment will ensure that the affected city streets are no longer at risk of sewer collapse and flooding which could have a really negative impact on local businesses and residents.
One project includes the upgrading of Victorian sewers in Parnell Street, Marlborough Street, Gardiner Street, North Great Georges Street and Hill Street. Separate projects were completed earlier this year on Townsend Street and Pearse Street and a project is progressing for Killarney Street with a combined investment of €450,000.

Work has completed on a €550,000 investment in the Parnell Street area. The sewer rehabilitation involved the relining of the sewers extending from Marlborough Street to Gardiner Street, including sections of Parnell Street, North Great Georges Street and Hill Street. The Victorian brick lined egg shaped sewers need to be upgraded and were lined with a reinforced plastic liner which strengthened the sewers and removed the potential of sewer collapses and possible city centre flooding.

Dublin sewer - new pipe being laid

A contractor has been appointed to commence work on the Killarney Street project and site investigation and survey work will be completed in November. Full relining of the Sewer will take begin in Q1 2017.

Commenting on the investment Ivan Corcoran, Programmes Specialist for the East and Midlands Region said

Dublin City’s sewer network dates back to Victorian times, Irish Water is investing in the network to repair any damage to the sewers. The investment in the sewer network ensures that Dublin City has a robust network and the work prevents any potential flooding on key City streets. Irish Water is making real and significant progress addressing the most serious deficiencies in Ireland’s wastewater infrastructure in Dublin City and across the country. The investment in the sewer network in Dublin City ensures that the network has the capacity to support the economic development and growth of the City.”

Dublin sewer - Current condition

Irish Water will spend €532 million on water services in 2016 to improve the country’s water and wastewater infrastructure. Capital investment in the region of €700 million per year is needed for a sustained period of several decades to address the poor condition of Ireland’s water infrastructure. Works have been prioritized to address the most critical issues in line with commitments outlined in Irish Water’s Business Plan up to 2021. Delivery of the business plan will involve a €5.5bn investment in capital spending on drinking water and wastewater quality and capacity and new infrastructure up to 2021 while achieving efficiencies of €1.6bn.


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