Customers can now resume normal use of their water

Irish Water is pleased to confirm that the Do Not Use notice that has been in place in the Belvelly area of Co Cork has now been lifted.

Customers in the area can now resume normal use of their water for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth.

The lifting of the notice follows consultation with the HSE and satisfactory monitoring results to confirm the new water supply is safe to drink.
Irish Water has carried out a number of remedial measures in the area to address issues with iron exceedances in the supply. Additional chlorine dosing has been put in place and we will continue to monitor iron and chlorine levels in the network. Flushing of the network has also been undertaken and work is ongoing at the Water Treatment Plant to provide pH Correction. 

“We are very pleased that this notice has now been lifted following remedial work by staff from Irish Water and Cork County Council,” said Pat Britton of Irish Water.

“We would like to thank the customers affected in Belvelly and elected representatives for their patience and support while this work was carried out, and acknowledge the inconvenience they experienced as a result of this issue.”

More information

If customers have any queries they can call our 24 hour customer care line at 1850 278 278. Further information is available on our Supply and Services Updates page. 


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