Irish Water is pleased to confirm that the Do Not Drink notice that has been in place for the O’Connor Park estate in Ardagh has now been lifted.

This follows recent works carried out by Irish Water to clean the pipe network in the area.

Customers in the area can now resume normal use of their water

Additional testing was then carried out on the water quality at homes in the estate.The results of these were shared with the HSE who have advised that they are agreeable to lifting the Do Not Drink Notice following receipt of the satisfactory results of sampling.

Customers in the area can now resume normal use of their water for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth.

“We are very pleased that this notice has now been lifted and that the people of O’Connor Park can drink their water again,” said Ian O’Mahony of Irish Water.

“The lifting of this notice follows ‘ice-pigging’ works carried out to clean and scour the pipework serving the estate.

“We would like to thank the people of O’Connor Park for their patience and support while this work was carried out, and acknowledge the inconvenience they experienced as a result of this issue. I would also like to pay tribute to all the staff from Irish Water, Limerick City and County Council and the HSE who have collaborated to resolve this issue.”

Continuing to monitor and test water in the area

The Do Not Drink notice was issued to all houses in the estate in September 2017 after sampling detected the presence of hydrocarbons at low levels in the drinking water in the estate.

We believe this contamination originated from an external source outside the control of Irish Water. The water being supplied to Ardagh is compliant with the drinking water regulations and the Do Not Drink notice did not apply outside O’Connor Park.

We will continue to monitor and test the water in the area to ensure that it is safe to drink and is compliant with all drinking water parameters. Should there be any recurrence of the issue that led to the Do Not Drink notice we will immediately notify local residents and the HSE.

Should customers in the area have any queries or concerns they can contact the 24/7 Irish Water helpline at 1850 278 278.

More information

Additional information and advice is available on our Supply and Service Updates page.


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