Intake point at Lickeen Lake
Intake point at Lickeen Lake

The divers have been busy gathering various information in relation to water supply assets in lakes which supply drinking water to the county.

Irish Water working in conjunction with Clare County Council have been deploying divers at a number of locations across the county. These locations include Castle Lough that supplies the Shannon and Sixmilebridge area, Doo Lough that supplies West Clare and Lickeen Lake that supplies the Ennistymon and north Clare area.

Divers were investigating if pipes were suitably positioned during the drought conditions to adequately abstract water to be treated and also to examine if any leaks needed to be repaired on site. They also measured the volume of water available to Irish Water for production which is key for the utility in order to plan for the weeks ahead as drought conditions continue.

Irish Water and Clare County Council are working to alleviate pressure on these schemes by fixing leaks throughout the network. Most schemes in the county are experiencing water supply difficulties due to the ongoing drought conditions and these are being addressed through a number of measures, including the exploration of new spring sources, tankering water to supplement supplies where necessary and investment in emergency measures in both networks and treatment plants to improve performance during this challenging drought period.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and putting contingency plans in place should they be needed in the coming weeks.

Irish Water would also like to acknowledge the work of Clare County Council crews who are working day and night to manage water supplies across the county during this drought period.

While recent rainfall has led to a slight recovery in water levels in surface water sources (rivers and streams), it will take sustained rainfall over many weeks and even months to fully replenish raw water levels in rivers, lakes and groundwater sources and treated drinking water levels in our storage reservoirs. In the meantime we all have a role to play in conserving water.



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