Meeting the needs of the local community

Irish Water, in partnership with Donegal County Council, is working to develop a plan for the provision of a sewerage scheme for the residents and businesses of Gweedore. The solution will meet the needs of the local community and ensure compliance with the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive. This will ensure Gweedore has a public wastewater system that all properties in the area served by the scheme can connect to and will support future residential and business growth in the area. 

Significant progress has been made in developing the plan for how Irish Water will deliver this project. We are designing the project to ensure that when it is built it will have enough capacity to ensure further development in Gweedore. Over 40 homes have signed up to the demonstration project and initial surveys of these homes have been completed. We would like to thank the people of Gweedore for their support in this. 

Allowing all properties and sites in the area to be connected to the scheme

Irish Water will be engaging again on a one to one basis with householders over the next number of weeks to finalise layouts for systems. Householders will be notified in advance of these individual meetings being arranged. 

Colm Boyd, Irish Water, explained: “In an area such as Gweedore where ground conditions make it difficult to install a private septic tank or sewerage system, this approach allows all properties and sites in the area to be connected to the scheme.

“Our intention is to develop two work packages, one work package for the main collection system, which we anticipate commencing in the next few weeks and a second work package for the individual property connections which will commence next year. We will shortly be issuing tender documents to the market to procure the pump assemblies, (which includes the pumps, tanks, control systems and boundary boxes for each property). 

“It is envisaged that by Christmas we should have selected a preferred supplier and will sign a contract with them after that. Allowing for shipping and manufacture we should have units on site in Gweedore in Spring 2019.”

More information

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