Newmarket, Kanturk, Tullylease, Kilbrin and Boherbue must continue to conserve water

Irish Water is appealing to customers in County Cork supplied by the Newmarket Regional Water Supply Scheme, i.e. in the Newmarket, Kanturk, Tullylease, Kilbrin and Boherbue areas, to make every effort possible to conserve water, as water levels on this scheme in particular are extremely low. Demand is exceeding supply and combined with the extended dry weather period, the source for this scheme is coming under increasing pressure.

Night time restrictions are being implemented

We and Cork County Council are taking measures to alleviate pressure through reducing the water demand, monitoring water sources and reviewing possible alternative water sources. Night time restrictions are being implemented. A big emphasis is being placed on finding and fixing leaks in these areas to reduce any water losses through the water supply networks. ‘Find and fix’ leakage crews, have been mobilised to try to identify and fix leaks in the area. Large water users are also working with us and Cork County Council to reduce their water consumption where possible at this time.

Please continue to report all leaks on the public network

We are asking the local communities to help in terms of checking for internal leaks within the home and fix any dripping taps or leaking toilets. If the local communities notice any leaks in these areas, please notify Irish Water and Cork County Council, so that the ‘find and fix’ crews can investigate.

We would like to thank Cork County Council crews who are continuously balancing water supplies during this drought period. Crews continue to deal with low water supply levels on almost every scheme in the county.

Any measures taken to reduce consumption, no matter how small, will help in terms of replenishing water supplies. Simple steps like taking a short shower instead of a bath, turning off taps and fixing leaks in outside taps all help to make a difference. We are also reminding people to report any leaks they see in the public network by calling 1850 278 278. You can also report a leak using our online form.

We would like to thank the communities and businesses in these areas for every effort they are making to reduce their water consumption at this time.

Water Conservation Advice

For more information on how to conserve water at home, in the garden, on the farm, or at work, visit our Water Conservation page.


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