Works form part of ongoing action to address water quality issues

The water network in the Ardagh area is to be cleaned next week as part of Irish Water’s ongoing action to address water quality issues in O’Connor Park.

A Do Not Use notice has been in place for almost 12 months after sampling detected the presence of hydrocarbons at low levels in the drinking water in the estate. Since then we have been working with Limerick City and County Council to resolve the issue and restore a normal water supply for residents.


“We are now trialling a new technology, called Ice-Pigging which is used to clean water mains and remove any possible source of contamination in the pipes in O’Connor Park” explained Ian O’Mahony. Ice-pigging involves pumping an ice solution into the pipeline under pressure to remove any built-up sediments and deposits.

He added “We will be monitoring the water quality carefully at all stages of this process to determine how effective it is in addressing this long-standing issue. We hope that these actions will resolve the current issue, and we are continuing to work towards ensuring that the water supplied to customers complies with all quality standards. We would like to thank our customers and elected representatives in Ardagh for their patience, engagement and support while we work to address this issue.”

Some minimal disruption to supply 

While these works are not expected to result in water outages, it is likely that there will be some minimal disruption to supply while the process is being undertaken and the Pig is passing the connection point to a customer’s property. Customers will know that Ice Pigging is being undertaken in their areas as the contractor will have signage at both ends of the run in which they are working. As the process should only result in potential short term disruption, customers will not be notified individually.

The work will be carried out on behalf of Irish Water by Glan Uisce Environmental Solutions Ltd (GUESL) early next week. It will take place from the reservoir in Ardagh, through the town to O’Connor Park, out towards the school and down towards the old creamery on Monday. There may be additional runs from the centre of the town to the outskirts of the town on Tuesday.

Work may initially result in some discoloration of the water

This work may initially result in some discoloration of the water during the cleaning process, and it would be recommended that customers, where possible, minimise the use of mains water whilst Pigging is being undertaken outside their property. The ice slurry is comprised of a brine solution which is made from both drinking water and a food grade salt (Sodium Chloride). The works are of short term duration and only in rare circumstances is excavation required to address a blockage or an issue at a particular point.

We will continue to monitor the water quality in the area to ensure that water quality meets the required standards before lifting the current Do Not Use notice.

More information 

If you have any queries or concerns please contact us at 1850 278 278. For a list of frequently aasked questions in relation to water quality, view our Questions and Answers section. 


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