Almost 800 students between primary and secondary schools will be participating in Engineers Week events at Mayo Movie World

Engineers Week, which runs from February 26 to March 2, is co-ordinated by Engineers Ireland and aims to encourage students, their teachers and parents to explore the world of engineering and possibly consider a career in one of the varied engineering disciplines.

Almost 60 staff working out of the regional headquarters in Castlebar

Irish Water employs almost 800 staff across the country in a variety of disciplines including engineering, environmental, science, HR, finance, legal, planning and communications with almost 60 staff working out of the regional headquarters in Castlebar.

The Story of Water

This Engineers Week students of Davitt College, St Gerald’s and St Joseph’s, Castlebar will attend the first of two events organised and facilitated by Irish Water at Mayo Movie World where they will learn about the Story of Water.

They will hear from a variety of Irish Water staff, across several disciplines about their career paths and opportunities.

Primary school students from St Angela’s, St Patrick’s, Scoil Raifteirí and Breaffy NS will attend on the second day. They will learn about the Story of Water – from source to tap and enjoy some fun experiments demonstrating the importance of protecting the water source, outlining the complex processes involved in treating water, and learning about simple water conservation techniques.

Water - one of the most essential resources on earth

Commenting on the importance of these educational events, Irish Water’s Regional Information Specialist Sean Corrigan said: “Irish Water is responsible for the delivery of water services to approximately 80 per cent of the population. Whilst many customers receive a good quality water supply and wastewater provision, there is a lot of work to be done to bring all supplies into compliance. Water is one of the most essential resources on earth, critical for human health, the production of food and for industrial activity.

The provision of clean drinking water and the disposal of wastewater in a manner that protects the environment is vital to our daily lives, and for economic and social development, which is why these events are critical for educating and information our future generations about the severe stress our water services are under."


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