Update - Sunday 24 May 10am

Irish Water and Cork County Council wish to advise that water supply, which was disrupted due to a large burst yesterday is beginning to return this morning.

The communities of Curraghleigh through to West Ballincollig were left without water due to a burst to a 14" Asbestos Concrete pipe which occurred yesterday. Crews worked through the night to repair the pipe ad began to recharge the network at 5.30am. Normal water supply should be fully restored by midday but it may take longer for some parts of the network.

Irish Water Operations Lead Neil Smyth said "This was a significant burst so we are happy to have the repairs completed. I would like to thank the crews of Cork County Council who worked through the night to ensure supply was restored as soon as possible. We would also like to thank the emergency services who assisted yesterday and made the area safe so the crews could begin the task of repairing the pipe. We would expect normal supply to be restored by midday. Some customers may find that their water is discoloured but this is normal after a repair of this type and this will run clear after a few minutes."

Customer queries should be directed to 1850 278 278.

Saturday 23 May 8pm

Irish Water and Cork County Council wish to advise customers from Curraghleigh to West of Ballingcollig in Cork that there will be a water supply interruption that could affect up to 10,000 people from this evening until tomorrow due to a significant pipe burst.

The pipe is a 14" Asbestos Concrete pipe which is located on the Iniscarra Road to the north side of the river, near Ballincollig Park. The road is currently closed as there is a large hole in the road which was caused by the burst and An Garda Síochána and the Fire Brigade are in attendance. 

Irish Water Operations Lead, Neil Smyth said “This is a significant burst and our crews will endeavour to get the repair works completed as soon as possible, however, we would like to ask the public for their patience as we try and get this issue fixed. It will take some time to fix but we will also try and get supply to half the affected community as well.”

Crews are currently being mobilised and will begin repair works as soon as possible. The areas impacted are west Ballincollig from the Supervalu in Ballincollig, Ovens, west of Whitehorse and Kerrypike. Crews will work this evening to repair the burst and endeavour to restore supply to as many homes as possible by backfeeding supply.

The repair is unlikely to be completed in full this evening with full supply to be restored gradually to all affected customers as soon as possible tomorrow. Customers should contact 1850278278 with their queries and there will be a further update tomorrow.


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