Irish Water and Donegal County Council continue to implement their major incident plan following the major flooding of the Bundoran Water Treatment Plant which still remains non-operational. Irish water would like to assure all customers that the situation at the treatment plant is under constant review considering the current weather conditions where further intense rainfall is expected over the next number of days.

Irish Water can confirm that the flood waters at the Bundoran Water Treatment Plant have been pumped off site and that the temporary flood defence wall has been reinforced. Further to these works a clean-up operation is currently underway to facilitate an assessment by engineering staff on the condition of key process treatment plant and equipment affected by flood waters.

Operational changes to the network have been undertaken as part of this major incident plan to keep customers in supply where possible. These temporary changes are under constant review to maintain normal standards of service to the vast majority of customers who are normally served from the Bundoran Water Treatment Plant. However, customers in the following areas may experience intermittent/no-supply during peak periods of demand;

  • Rathmore to Lissacholly
  • Loughside Group Scheme (Co. Leitrim)
       *  Derrynaseer
        * Lareen to Edenvella

Irish Water is monitoring these areas to ensure return of normal water supply as soon as possible.

Where a customer has water coming from their tap, this water can be used in a normal manner; it does not have to be boiled before use.

For people experiencing outages Mobile Water Tankers and Standpipe are located at strategic points throughout the Bundoran network. Please note that water taken from these tankers and the standpipe whilst fully treated, and safe to drink must be boiled before use.

The tanker locations are as follows:

  • Bowser Location No. 1: Sea Front Carpark, Astoria Road
  • Bowser Location No. 2: Central Lane Car Park
  • Bowser Location No. 3: Old Tullaghan Road, Magheracar
  • Bowser Location No. 4: BMG Hardware, Access Road 
  • Standpipe Location: Market Yard, Ballyshannon (adjacent to fire station)

Customers may experience low pressure or loss of supply over the coming days and are asked to report any such occurrences to the Irish Water customer service call centre.

Customers are requested to conserve water and check their premises for leaks.

Irish Water would like to apologise to all customers affected by this incident.

Irish Water would like to thank Donegal LA staff, Northern Ireland Water, Leitrim County Council, Sligo County Council, EPA, HSE and the ESB for their continuing efforts with dealing with this on-going incident.

A map showing the location of the tankers is available to view here and Donegal County Council’s website, (

Customers are advised to view the outage section or alternatively contact its customer service call centre at 1890 278 278.

Irish Water will provide further updates tomorrow the 10th of December.

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