Following the advice from the Health Service Executive

Following advice from the Health Service Executive, Irish Water and Mayo County Council are pleased to confirm that the Boil Water Notice which was issued for the area supplied by the Ballycastle Public Water Supply and the Corrower/Sea Road and Lisbrin Group Water Schemes on 12 October 2018 has been lifted with immediate effect.

Sampling and testing of the scheme was carried out regularly

Cryptosporidium is a tiny parasite found in human and animal waste. If it is swallowed (ingested), it can cause a disease called cryptosporidiosis. The symptoms of cryptosporidiosis include fever, stomach upset, weight loss and diarrhoea. Cryptosporidium may be found in water if it has been contaminated or if there has been a problem with water treatment.

Our drinking water compliance and operational experts worked with colleagues in Mayo County Council to resolve this situation as soon as possible by improving the protection of the groundwater source and by thoroughly cleaning the reservoirs and network.

Following the detection of cryptosporidium, the EPA carried out an audit of the treatment plant and sampling and testing of the scheme was carried out regularly. The results of the suite of tests were reviewed collectively by all agencies involved today and no further detections of cryptosporidium were found during this time. There were also no reported cases of illness in the community.

Risk of further cryptosporidium detections in the supply

However, customers in this area should note that the level of treatment provided at the Ballycastle Water Treatment Plant does not provide adequate protection against cryptosporidium.

Irish Water and Mayo County Council are advising customers that in the absence of a validated cryptosporidium barrier that there is a risk of further cryptosporidium detections in the supply. If this scenario occurs, it is possible that the Boil Water Notice may be re-imposed and remain in place until the scheme is connected to the Ballina-Lisglennon Public Water Supply.

Customers may resume normal use of their water

Works to secure this connection are at a preliminary stage with an estimated completion date of late 2019.

Irish Water will continue to monitor this supply closely for the presence of cryptosporidium in the interest of public health and will liaise with the HSE on a regular basis.

Irish Water’s Asset Operations Water Lead for Mayo, Ger Greally commented: “We are delighted to be delivering this good news today for the people supplied by the Ballycastle Public Water Supply which also supplies the Group Water Schemes in Corrower/Sea Road and Lisbrin. We acknowledge the impact this notice had on the local community and we would like to thank them for their co-operation and patience while we worked to have it lifted.  We would also like to thank our colleagues in Mayo County Council for working with us to ensure this notice was lifted as quickly as possible.

“Irish Water’s priority is the provision of safe clean drinking water and safeguarding that water supply for the future is a vital focus.”

Irish Water and Mayo County Council confirm that customers can now resume normal use of the water supply for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth. 

More information

For any queries, customers can call our customer care line at 1850 278 278.


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