Irish Water is monitoring water supply levels in Ballyhooly, Co. Cork. There is reduced water pressure and intermittent interruptions to supply affecting parts of the Ballyhooly scheme.
A tanker is in place as a temporary water station at the entrance to Lios Áird estate. This tanker is replaced every 48 hours to ensure compliance with drinking water quality requirements. Water taken from the tanker should be boiled and cooled before drinking or cooking use.
Leak detection is ongoing, however no significant breaks have been identified. Night time restrictions on the scheme have helped to regain some levels in the reservoir. However, higher than normal demand due to weather conditions and limitations of the existing water supply network are the contributing factors to the low pressure being experienced at connections in Ballyhooly. Pressure on the network is monitored daily and while water supply is at kitchen taps, the pressure is not always sufficient to fill attic tanks. Irish Water has arranged for pressure logging to inform analysis of the existing infrastructure and consideration of potential alternative network options.
Irish Water apologises for the inconvenience caused by this low water pressure and supply interruptions.
While every effort is being made to manage the supply in the short term, and investigations continue to inform potential alternative infrastructure arrangements, Irish Water is seeking the support of the community and businesses in Ballyhooly to be mindful of all consumption of public drinking water. Every effort made by the public, at home or at work, helps to alleviate the pressure on the water system. Our conserve water page, gives practical suggestions for how the public can help to conserve water. 


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