All public water schemes in Co Mayo are now compliant with EU and national water standards

All public water schemes in Co Mayo are compliant with EU and national water standards following the removal of two schemes by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from their Remedial Action List (RAL). The RAL is updated quarterly by the EPA for those water supplies where investment in treatment processes is required. Irish Water has a prioritised programme of investment for all schemes on the RAL.

Kiltimagh and Inishturk
In the most recent update both Kiltimagh and Inishturk were removed from the RAL meaning there are no Mayo schemes on the EPA’s to-do list.
In the last quarterly update in November the Lough Mask regional water supply was also removed from the list.

The Kiltimagh water treatment works underwent an upgrade to the disinfection system while the water treatment processes were optimised to secure its removal.

On Inishturk, the public water supply was on the RAL for high levels of THMs. THMs, or Trihalomethanes are chemicals formed by the reaction of naturally occurring dissolved organic material and chlorine which is used for disinfection in order to protect against pathogenic bacteria. A programme of works have been completed on the island to bring the supply back into compliance.

National THM plan and a prioritised programme of investment
Irish Water has put in place the first national THM plan and a prioritised programme of investment to address all inadequacies in drinking water parameters including THMs. By 2021 the utility plans to reduce the number of schemes on the RAL to zero with an investment of €327 million in upgrading water supplies at risk from THMs.

Speaking about the RAL and the ongoing work in Mayo, Irish Water’s Regional Compliance Specialist Pat O’Sullivan said: “The publication of the latest RAL update is a confirmation of the focus and dedication of Irish Water and Mayo County Council in ensuring the delivery of clean and wholesome water in the county.

As a single utility Irish Water is able to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of Ireland’s drinking water production plants and where serious compliance challenges are found they can be tackled more effectively and efficiently.” 


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