All contracts awarded by Irish Water and Bord Gáis in the establishment of Irish Water are fully compliant with EU public sector procurement guidelines, Irish Water confirmed today. 

Bord Gáis and Irish Water have been scrupulous in the awarding of contracts. To ensure value for money and transparency, all contracts have been awarded in line with the guidelines set out at EU level for public sector procurement.

Irish Water was established within Bord Gáis so that the new utility could benefit from the expertise and experience of being part of a world-class utility. In practice, this means using Bord Gais’ capability running billing, asset management and utility financial systems. In order to do this, Irish Water has been set up using the same proven IT systems and processes as Bord Gáis. This has enabled Irish Water to save at least €58 million in software licences and also to meet the challenging timetable for set up.

The procurement of software licences with Bord Gáis was subject to a full competitive tender process. In instances where Bord Gáis needed to extend the application of these software licences beyond the stated application in the initial competitive tender, Bord Gáis adhered fully to EU rules in negotiating software licence extensions to Irish Water. To ensure transparency around this award, Bord Gais published a VEAT (voluntary ex ante) notice in the EU journal. This is fully in accordance with EU procurement rules.

Both Irish Water and Bord Gáis strongly reject any suggestion that the company was not fully compliant with all procurement rules.

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