These works form part of Irish Water's national Leakage Reduction Programme

Irish Water is working in partnership with Wicklow County Council and will soon begin work to replace ageing water mains prone to frequent bursts in the Dunbar Area in Co. Wicklow.

Once complete, the benefits of the project for the community will include a more reliable water supply for all customers. This means reduced leakage on the network which will improve water pressure to homes and businesses. Water quality will be improved  as the old water mains will be replaced with new plastic pipes which will reduce the risk of contamination. Operational and maintenance costs will also be reduced as the network operation will require less future maintenance.

Reducing leakage across the country

This work is part of Irish Water’s national Leakage Reduction Programme which over the next four years will see €500 million invested to reduce the high level of leakage across the country by fixing or replacing ageing water mains. This will ensure a safe, reliable water supply which is vital for our health, our environment and our growing population and economy.

What locations will benefit from these improvements?

This project involves the decommissioning and replacement of approximately 1.8 kilometres of ageing cast iron water mains, UPVC and asbestos concrete water mains in the Dunbar Area. The locations to benefit from these improvements works in Wicklow Town include:

  • Dunbar Road
  • Dunbar Park
  • St Kevins Terrace
  • Seaview Road
  • Seafield Road

What will the works involve?

The existing pipes will be replaced with new modern high density polyethylene plastic pipes. The works will also involve laying new water service connections from the public water main in the road to customers’ property boundaries and connecting it to the customer’s water supply. These works will be carried out by Ward & Burke Construction Ltd. on behalf of Irish Water. The works commencing in the coming weeks are expected to be completed by the end of July.

The works may involve some short-term water shut offs and the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours prior notice of any planned water shut offs. Traffic management will be in place for the duration of the works. Local and emergency traffic will be maintained at all times. We understand that this type of work can be inconvenient and works crews will make every effort to minimise any disruption these necessary works cause.

The replacement of these ageing water mains in the Dunbar area in Wicklow will improve the security of supply for local residents and businesses.

Georgina O’Reilly, Leakage Reduction Programme

Commenting on the works Georgina O’Reilly, Regional Lead on the Leakage Reduction Programme, said “The replacement of these ageing water mains in the Dunbar area in Wicklow will improve the security of supply for local residents and businesses. Replacing the existing water mains with a new modern pipes will provide a long term solution to ensure a safe and secure water supply is delivered to customers.”

Residents and businesses in the area of the works have been notified and customers can call our customer care helpline on callsave 1850 278 278 for any questions about the project.

Find out more

To find out more about our national programme of works to reduce leakage and improve Ireland's water supply visit our Leakage Reduction Programme page.


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