Regular routine water sampling carried out in Naas

Irish Water confirms that water samples taken last week at a number of locations in Naas including Radharc an Chaislean are compliant with all drinking water regulations and is safe to drink. We can also confirm that the source of an illness from campylobacter bacteria is not from the public water supply. We wish to reassure all customers in the Naas area that the public drinking water supply meets all drinking water regulations and is safe to drink.

Additional sampling confirmed that the water is microbiologically compliant safe to drink 

Regular routine water sampling is carried out in the network area and daily testing at the Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant which treats the water that supplies Naas. Sampling undertaken on the 20, 28 and 30 August confirmed that the water supply in Naas is compliant with all drinking water regulations. Further to this, additional sampling at the property in Radharc an Chaislean where a member of the family is unwell has confirmed the water is compliant and is not the source of the campylobacter bacteria that caused the family member to become unwell.

The HSE were consulted and advised that on review of their notification system for infectious disease cases they advised that no campylobacter cases in children for Kildare were reported in the past 8 weeks. Additionally, Naas hospital confirmed they have not had a cluster of cases of campylobacter in children in recent weeks.

HSE satisfied that Naas public water supply is safe to drink

We understand how distressing it is when a member of a family is unwell and we arranged for a water sample to be taken at the property to carry out the additional sampling. This has now confirmed the public water supply is not the source of the illness. Additionally, we have been liaising with the Public Health Department in the HSE on this matter and understand they are offering support to the family. The Public Health department within the HSE actively monitor cases of notifiable infectious disease including campylobacter bacteria. The HSE are also satisfied that the illness from campylobacter bacteria was not caused by the public water supply and they are satisfied that the public water supply in Naas is safe to drink.


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