Irish Water, working in partnership with Waterford County Council, has completed the Water Supply Scheme project for the An Rinn-Heilbhic area. This project extended the Dungarvan Water Supply to the An Rinn-Heilbhic area and included the construction of two new reservoirs, pumping station and over 8 kilometres of new water mains.

Provide safe and secure drinking water

The main driver for the project was to provide safe and secure drinking water for businesses and residents in the An Rinn-Heilbhic area. Previously, the area was served by four separate water sources, which presented deficiencies in water availability and insufficient water treatment facilities, leading to a boil water notice for certain consumers and elevated levels of Trihalomethanes (THMs) for the An Rinn Supply.

As part of this project, Irish Water constructed two new reservoirs to serve the high level area served by the An Rinn-Heilbhic Scheme. The utility also installed over 8 kilometres of watermain to connect An Rinn-Heilbhic and the adjoining water schemes of An Sean Phobal, Crois Roibéard and An Léith.

Speaking about the project, Lisa Cogan, Irish Water’s Infrastructure Programme Lead said;

“This is an important project for homes and businesses of An Rinn-Heilbhic. The completed works will ensure that the residents and businesses will now have a more secure and robust water supply. The works included the construction of a new upper and lower reservoir as well as 8 kilometres of new water mains which will safeguard the water supply to this area by increasing storage and giving greater resilience to the supply”

New pumping station, existing reservoir tanks and disconnections

The works also included the construction of a new pumping station at the Springmount pumping station at Clogherane, Dungarvan. The works also incorporated the existing reservoir tanks at Seaview into the new water supply scheme. Due to the construction of the new infrastructure, the following was disconnected, the An Rinn-Heilbhic water supply scheme with treatment at Seaview Water Treatment Plant, Loiscreán / Sean Phobal water supply scheme, Crois Roibéard water supply scheme; and An Léith water supply scheme.

The An Rinn-Heilbhic Water Supply Scheme is now being fed from the Upper and Lower Reservoirs, with Dungarvan as the source.

More information

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