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16 August 2019

Water mains improvement works on the Togher Road, Glasheen, Cork

Works may cause disruption to supply on Tuesday August 20 from 7pm-11.30pm

  • Following works supply may take 2-3 hours to return
  • Part of our national Leakage Reduction Programme
  • List of affected areas

16 August 2019

Water production restored at Freemount following fire

Normal supply expected to return to all areas over the weekend

  • Water was safely introduced into the network yesterday evening
  • Temporary water stations are still available
  • Ensure all taps are turned off while system is filling

14 August 2019

Efforts to restore normal water supply continue following fire at treatment plant

Working to provide temporary supplies to the community affected

  • Allow Regional Water Supply Scheme serves population of 3,500
  • 8 tankers transporting water to fill reservoirs and pipelines
  • Temporary water stations available at number of locations

11 August 2019

Incident at Freemount Water Treatment Plant, North Cork

A fire occurred on Sunday 11 August

  • Issue with an electrical panel 
  • No one was injured in the incident
  • Storage in reservoirs will be depleted by Monday

7 August 2019

St. Patricks Bridge, Cork City, closed to traffic over weekend of 9-12 August

Closure to facilitate essential works to improve water supply

  • Laying a critical section of new 3.8km pipeline
  • Signage and local diversions will be in place
  • Works will ensure a more secure and resilient supply

30 July 2019

Water main improvement works on Wellington Road, Cork

Wednesday July 31 from 10am to 2pm

  • Possible reduced pressure and outages during works
  • Supply may take 2-3 hours to return
  • Part of our national Leakage Reduction Programme

26 July 2019

Improving the water supply in Carrigaline, Co. Cork

Tackling high levels of water leakage on Kilmoney Road Lower

  • Part of national Leakage Reduction Programme
  • May involve some short-term water shut-offs
  • Works to be completed by mid August

18 July 2019

Water mains improvement works at spring Lane, Blackpool, Cork

May cause disruption to supply on Tuesday July 23rd from 7pm to 11pm

  • Possible reduced water pressure and water outages
  • Supply may take 2-3 hours to return following works
  • Part of our national Leakage Reduction Programme

17 July 2019

Water conservation campaign launched to encourage the public to use only what they need

52% of the public acknowledge that they waste water

  • We all have to play a part in conserving water
  • Small measures can have a big impact
  • Safe, clean, treated water is not in unlimited supply

11 July 2019

Ending of raw sewage discharge in Cork Lower Harbour

Ending of discharge from Passage West and Monkstown marks major milestone 

  • Equivalent of 30,000 wheelie bins of sewage being treated daily
  • Work now commencing on Northern side of the harbour
  • 20,000 homes and businesses connected to new scheme

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