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28 December 2020

Water at Cavan Regional Water Supply Scheme impacted due to Storm Bella

Cavan Regional Water Supply Scheme has been impacted as a result of a power outage at the plant due to Storm Bella.

  • Repairs are currently ongoing 
  • These will continue for the rest of the day
  • Updates will be available on

17 December 2020

Cavan Town residents set to enjoy better quality drinking water following water mains replacement works

Businesses and residents in Cavan Town are enjoying improved water supply and less disruptions.

  • Almost 1,300 metres of old and damaged pipes were replaced 
  • Decommissioning works took place along Kinnypottle
  • Works are part of our National Leakage Reduction Programme 

8 December 2020

Irish Water publishes its draft Framework Plan, the first Phase of its National Water Resources Plan, for consultation

To safeguard public health, facilitate growth and meet the challenges of climate change over the next 25 years

  • The NWRP will provide a country-wide analysis
  • Calculate the demand for now and into the future
  • A 10-week public consultation will seek feedback

25 November 2020

Swanlinbar water supply removed from at-risk list following Irish Water upgrade works

Over 300 customers in Swanlinbar are enjoying a more secure supply of drinking water.

  • This follows the completion of upgrade works to the local water treatment plant 
  • Upgrade works took place in partnership with Cavan County Council
  • Scheme has now been removed from the EPA's Remedial Action List 

6 October 2020

A more reliable water supply in Shercock following completion of water main replacement works

Local residents thanked for their cooperation and patience

  • Works replaced ageing water mains and installed new service connections
  • In partnership with Cavan County Council
  • Part of the national Leakage Reduction Programme

2 October 2020

Cavan Town customers advised of water disruptions due to reservoir maintenance

Essential reservoir maintenance taking place at Killynebber Reservoir

  • Work is beginning on Friday 2 October 
  • Full water pressure will not return until Sunday 
  • Higher areas may have reduced pressure until Monday

30 September 2020

Mains flushing ongoing in Bailieborugh to secure supply for customers

Works in conjunction with Cavan County Council

  • Flushing cleans out sediments which can build up
  • Manganese occurs naturally in the water source
  • Commenced in September and ongoing over winter months

24 August 2020

Leakage reduction works to commence in Shercock, Cavan

Works part of the national Leakage Reduction Programme

  • Laying new water service connections along Bailieborough Rd
  • Traffic management will be in place
  • Works to be complete in October

20 August 2020

Pesticide exceedances continue to be detected in drinking supplies around Ireland

Detection of pesticides may be as a result of specific spraying activities

  • MCPA is a main pesticide being detected
  • Users reminded to use best practice when spraying
  • Basic steps for reducing pesticide risks

8 July 2020

Water Conservation Order lifted following heavy rainfall and recovery of sources

Lifting of Water Conservation Order better known as the hosepipe ban

  • Lifted following heavy rainfall & recovery of resources
  • Continuing to monitor affected water sources
  • View our video for tips on how to conserve

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