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Planning application submitted for Greater Dublin Drainage project

The new regional wastewater treatment facility is being proposed in order to protect public health, safeguard the environment and facilitate the social and economic growth of the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) to 2050.

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21 June 2018

Farmers urged to use best practice when spraying pesticides following MCPA detections in drinking water across the country

It is imperative that pesticide users are mindful of best practice when spraying lands

  • Drinking water supplies vulnerable to contamination
  • Detections of pesticides found in drinking water
  • The pesticide MCPA is the main offender

13 June 2018

EPA recognises Irish Water’s progress in delivering safe clean drinking water to communities across the country in annual Drinking Water Report

Irish Water supplies drinking water for over 80% of the population

  • Investment of €2 billion to improve drinking water quality
  • In 2017 public water supplies were 99% compliant
  • Much more remains to be done

25 May 2018

Water Restriction Lifted on Shercock Public Water Supply

Water Restriction Lifted on Shercock Public Water Supply

  • Drinking water restriction lifted with immediate effect
  • Water can be used for drinking, food preparation, brushing teeth and washing
  • Notice was put in place on 21 May 2018 

23 May 2018

Business customers in Leitrim, Cavan and Monaghan to receive new water meters to provide more accurate billing for commercial water usage

New meters have in-built drive-by technology to allow for faster and more frequent meter readings

  • Regional Meter Replacement Programme launched 2017
  • Currently ongoing in Donegal, Limerick, Sligo, Roscommon, and Galway
  • Means of detecting water leaks

21 May 2018

Do Not Drink and Do Not Wash water restriction on Shercock Public Water Supply effective immediately

Notice issued due to elevated levels of chlorine in the water supply

  • Water unsafe for drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene
  • Water tankers will be available in Shercock
  • Issue expected to be resolved in the coming days

6 March 2018

Cavan customers urged to conserve water as consumption levels have increased dramatically

Consumption levels have risen dramatically

  • Please report any leaks on public property
  • Turn off taps and check for interal leaks
  • Customer care helpline 1850 278 278

2 March 2018

Cavan customers asked to conserve water following increased demand due to cold weather

Water treatment plants struggling to keep up with water supply demands

  • Do not leave taps running
  • Do not use dishwashers/washing machines
  • Information on dealing with frozen/burst pipes

15 February 2018

Ageing water mains to be replaced in Cavan delivering significant improvements to customers

Blacklion Water Mains Replacement Project

  • Part of National Leakage Reduction Programme
  • Works due to commence week starting 26 February
  • Project to be completed in 14 weeks

31 January 2018

Refunds process to begin winding down as 95% of cheques issued

Final appeal to be made over coming weeks

  • Considerable response from customers
  • Outstanding accounts remain with incomplete details
  • Call 1850 448 448 if you have not received your cheque

12 January 2018

Consultation open for standardisation of Irish Water new connection charges

Proposal will standardise the scope of work involved in each connection

  • Simplify current charging arrangements
  • Provide a single national connection charging framework
  • Will be based on a service need and not development floor area

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