Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland, today announced details of a €7 million investment in the Bandon Watermain and Sewer Network Project, which will begin construction in the second half of 2016. The project is a merger of the previously named Bandon Sewerage Collection Scheme and the new Bandon Watermain Rehabilitation Project. By combining the two projects, Irish Water, working with Cork County Council, will reduce the impact of the works on the local community, deliver the works in a shorter timescale and make significant cost savings by maximising efficiencies.

This investment by Irish Water will result in significant improvements to both the water and wastewater networks in Bandon. The proposed watermain works will improve water network performance and levels of customer service in terms of water quality, security of supply, improved operational pressure and reduced leakage as well as allowing for increased future capacity which will facilitate economic growth in the town. The proposed works on the sewer network will increase flow capacity in the system, reduce sewage discharges to the Bandon River and will assist in alleviating sewer flooding currently being experienced in the town.

Commenting on the works, Aisling Buckley, Regional Information Officer, Southern Region, Irish Water said, ‘This project will result in better water quality, security of supply and reduced leakage and sewer flooding in Bandon. By combining the two projects, Irish Water will reduce the impact of the two projects on businesses and residents in Bandon.’

A Transportation and Public Realm Enhancement Works Project is currently at planning stage by Cork County Council that proposes a 5 year moratorium be put in place following the completion of street scape works in Bandon to avoid further disruption to local businesses and residents. Installing the water mains and sewers at the same time will allow the proposed street scape works to be carried out sooner and will also mean a reduction in the likelihood of future re-excavation of the new street scape.

Irish Water invested €351m in improving water and waste water services in 2014 and will invest over €410 million in improving water services during 2015. This spend will increase in the coming years. Capital investment of approximately €600m per year is required for a sustained period of several decades, in order to address the deficiencies in the Ireland’s water supply and wastewater infrastructure.


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