Please read our safety guidelines below for more information on safety and security when accessing or reading your water meter.
Accessing your water meter:
When accessing your water meter please be aware of your surroundings, your personal safety and the safety of others. We try to locate water meter boxes out of the way of traffic, however, please remain aware of cyclists, pedestrians and other road users. If you have mobility concerns we recommend that you ask a neighbour or family member to help you access your water meter. Do not try to read the water meter yourself as it may involve bending, crouching and kneeling on the ground
Safety guidelines:
  • Make sure that there is adequate lighting and never read your water meter when it is dark;
  • Make sure the ground and meter box are free from debris;
  • Wear appropriate safety clothing such as a high visibility vest, gloves and use a knee rest or knee protectors, where necessary; 
  • The meter box can be opened by slowly and carefully prising off the meter lid. You will see small slots located around the edge of the meter lid into which you can insert a safe implement, such as the flat handle of a spoon, to carefully prise off the plastic water meter lid. If the lid is difficult to remove, do not force it - please contact Irish Water; 
  • When you open the meter box you will see a frost plug which is provided to guard against frost damage and must be removed if you wish to examine the water meter. The frost plug is typically made of foam material, white in colour and may be round or oval in shape; 
  • The water meter should be visible in the bottom of the meter box, if, however, there is water or any other debris, please do not put your hand into the box to try and clear it – please contact Irish Water. 
  • Never leave the water meter lid open and unattended to prevent people falling in to the meter box or tripping over the lid.
  • The frost plug must be replaced when finished. This protects your water meter from frost so please make sure you replace it.
  • It is important that the water meter lid should not be forced open and should be replaced properly and shut firmly to ensure that the meter box remains water tight. Check that the rubber seal surrounding the edge of the lid has not been dislodged before you put the lid back in its place. 
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