Standing Charge

(per annum)

Standard Meter €59.86
Large Meter €227.56

Standard Charge for Standard Meter which is fitted internally within the boundaries of a subdivided premises and not fitted at take off point from the mains, which is maintained by the customer and whose reads are collected and returned by the customer to the council will be charged at a reduced rate (€47.30)

Volumetric Charges

TypePrice € 
Water Supply m3: €1.00
Wastewater Services m3: €1.07
Combined m3: €2.07

Domestic Allowance

(per annum)


This is the standard domestic allowance for mixed use premises in your Local Authority area. Business charges apply to the water you use over and above the domestic allowance.

Unmetered Charges

Premises typeCombined
Licensed Premises €420
Hairdressers €262
Launderette (pending metering) €619
Garages (without car wash facilities) €241
Garages (with car wash facilities pending metering) €514
Butcher shop €220
Slaughter Houses €336
Butcher shop with slaughter houses (combined) €462
Guesthouse/B&B €73
Factories (pending metering) €346
Other business premises €241
Taps & drinking troughs one trough €346
Taps & drinking troughs two troughs €693
Taps & drinking troughs three troughs or more €1,039
Churches €105
Garda stations and community halls (pending metering) €451
Buildings in course of erection private house up to 1500 ft2 €84
Buildings in course of erection private house up over 1500 ft2 €115
Buildings in course of erection Reconstruction €42
Construction of industrial or allied building per 1,000 ft2 €115


Irish Water's prices are based on the information provided by your Local Authority and are effective from 1st January 2014. Irish Water has made every effort to ensure that prices were correct at time of publishing.

Payment Types

We offer a range of payment options. Visit our Paying your bill page for details. 

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